Update from Eddie Tully, Part 3

This was posted on Eddie’s FB page:

UPDATE: After a week the Police still have no solid leads. I have offers from a few professional search and rescue teams that are ready to help but the PPD has not given the OK to do so. News coverage has been spotty. In speaking with a couple private investigators they say the best shot we have of finding Christopher Tully is the exposure of social media. Someone had to see something last Tuesday!!!! Someone had to be driving by while Chris was on that road!!!! He had to get into a place to get out of the elements!!! Someone out there knows something!!!! I don’t believe there was any foul play. I am asking yet again….Please don’t stop posting his photo!!! Please don’t stop reposting and sharing other peoples posts.!!! Please tag and include any news stations, radio station, blog sites and even the police in your post along with the hashtag #‎FindTully‬ to let them know that they can NOT stop covering the story!!!!

Please keep tweeting and posting! Make sure you use the hashtag, and make sure you retweet to police, government agencies, and news stations alike. We need to keep the information in the forefront so they will PAY ATTENTION and find Chris, so he can come home to his family and friends. For a man who has touched SO many lives, its not too much to ask…

3 thoughts on “Update from Eddie Tully, Part 3”

  1. Could the exact coordinates where Chris was last seen be posted here, or pinned with Google Maps? Taken together, I-76 exits 339/340A, the City Avenue bridges, and the so-called Gustine Lake Interchange are a bewildering mess to describe using words alone.

  2. Just letting you know that one more soul is praying for Chris’ safety and return to his family. I know crushing depression. It is devastating to experience…and to those who love him or her. On his safe return and after his recovery or remission from this insidious illness, Chris will be an influential and effective advocate for everyone dealing with mental illness, I’m sure of it. My love to you all.

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