Keep the Awareness Alive – Help Find Chris Now!

Here’s what we need: We need content for people to rally behind. We need content to draw more attention, and to keep drawing attention, to what’s going on, and the fact that Chris is STILL MISSING.

Here’s how: We want to start publishing content about Chris, from YOUR perspective. How did you know him? How did he touch your life? What’s your favorite memory of him? We also want any content from his work in education, so we can show everyone what a phenomenal teacher he is.

So please, send us:

Your name

How you knew Chris

A write up on how Chris touched your life, and any memories, or a video, or both.

Please only send YouTube links, as we cannot host the videos easily ourselves.

Send this information to: helpfindtully@gmail.com, and we will go through the submissions and start posting!

Thank you everyone for this amazing outpouring, and keep up the canvassing, the social media posts, and all the love and support you can muster. He’s still out there – let’s bring him home.

6 thoughts on “Keep the Awareness Alive – Help Find Chris Now!”

  1. I met Christopher Tully on a dance show 20 years ago, since then his family and brother Eddie along with Chris have been a huge part of our community. Christopher is a loving husband, admired father and respected professor, he has touched the lives of thousands. From the moment I met Chris until the day he went missing he was always a very respected man. I pray everyday for his well being and safe return home to his family. Please don’t give up the fight to find him, he is one we all need in our lives. With a heavy heart I will be searching for you till you are found my dear friend. We need you and miss you Chris.

  2. I knew Chris and Eddie threw Dance Party USA. Watching them both in ocean city singing and dancing. Eddie there not a day that goes bye miss you guys so much. Chris was always nice to me remember him giving me a hug and showing me around the studio :)

  3. In the beginning of the search for Christopher Tully really did not know him well, a cousin of a cousin. Know his Mom and Dad and Aunts and Uncles from when I was a young child, as time goes on and the show of love support and strength of everyone, I am Getting to know him well his amazing compassion for his students and the admiration of the school he teaches at which is proven by the dedication that they show in trying to get him home.I am definitely getting to know Chris better with every post I share and every story and prayers that I read.I am finding he is a very kind and compassionate person who enjoys helping people and having fun. I know he is an extrodinary person who has the love and extreme dedication of a unbelievably loyal brother who has the strength to carry on with this .So Chris, I would really like for you to come home, my husband and I would like to get to know this extraordinary man who has sparked the loyalty compassion,and inspiration in all these people Im sure it will be our honor. Stay safe and come back to your family and friends who obviously love you and need you.I will pray for you, and I wish you peace and light!

  4. I know Christopher through his Dad and mom, Ed Sr and Marie Tully. I had the pleasure of attending his wedding.(Christopher). He impressed me as being such devoted son, hard worker and just all around good guy. I continue to pray for his health, strength and safe return. Peace, Love and Blessings. Keep the awareness alive.

  5. Chris is my cousin. I always looked up to him and Eddie. He is always so full of energy….always positive. He believes in people …sees things most people don’t. I asked him to read a prayer at my wedding because he is so special to me. He is funny, smart, and caring. I just want him home. Please Chris come home

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