Day 18

From Eddie Tully’s Facebook:

“Day 18 – Update, we have found a Marine search and rescue team willing to search the river. This weekends weather is not working in our favor but I have been reassured that they will have divers in the water as soon as possible.”

And yet the latest it seems is that Philly PD has now STOPPED Marine Search and Rescue, with little to no explanation. This is the second time Philadelphia Police have stopped Search and Rescue from going out and doing what they do best – finding people. The actual officers on the ground has been very responsive, and was out searching the ramp area within 15-30min of Chris’ disappearance.

It seems like administration in PPD is striking again, and news coverage is slipping. We are starting to lose ground, and people are starting to lose hope. Our only option is to start a massive social media campaign, to not only keep up the pressure on PPD, but with news stations, the general public – pretty much anyone that will listen. We can never give up hope. We will continue the canvassing and keep revising the list (sorry for the delay on that – but everyone out there is so good, we got totally overwhelmed!), but we need to keep pushing and pushing.

So on that note, this site is going to go through some revisions. We’re adding a Twitter account, as well as a Gmail account. We are asking for people’s help:


We need to tug on the heartstrings. We’re going to look for some information about who you are, how you know Chris, and perhaps a video, either showing Chris, or words on how he has touched your life. We would prefer to get YouTube links, as hosting all this data would be a huge undertaking. We will post something soon regarding this change.

Stay tuned, keep pushing, and thank you for all of your support. I know Chris and his family appreciate everything. Thanks again.

One thought on “Day 18”

  1. Amazin idea. Losing hope and faith in a situation as this is not even an option.

    I will do whatever it takes to continue to spread the word.
    Matt, I am not working at the moment and I have a ton of time on my hand. I mentioned this to Mike Manno as well.

    I emailed Nancy Grace via HLN website and HLN directly. Crossing my fingers some good comes out of it.

    I posted something Similar on my page today like you want to do. A moment, memory, but no photo or video of me pleading. Just a simple message with a video of that memory I was taking about.

    My phone number if you need any help on phones 2017399043 or anything else.

    I will continue to push it in to media and spreadimg word. I literally hounding media in Twitter everyday. Probably 4 times a day✌️

    Love and faith

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