Service Details


Thursday, January 29th, 2015, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Monti-Rago Funeral Home
2531-35 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA

Viewing Before Service

Friday, January 30th, 2015, 8:30am – 10:00am
Monti-Rago Funeral Home
2531-35 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA

Funeral Service

Friday, January 30th, 2015, 11:00am
Epiphany of Our Lord Church
11th and Jackson Streets
Philadelphia, PA


Holy Cross Cemetery PA
626 Baily Road
Yeadon, PA


Help Keep His Memory Alive

Firstly, I want to take the time to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. I know the family would agree. The outpouring of love and support has been immense, and we truly appreciate it.

We want to keep his spirit alive, and make sure people remember him as who he WAS, and how he affected people, not that he was some bipolar looney that ran away. He was SO much more than that, and people must remember him as such. I know we put out a request for content, but we still need some from a different perspective.

Here’s what we need: We need content from people, to show what an incredible person he was.

Here’s how: We want to start publishing content about Chris, from YOUR perspective. How did you know him? How did he touch your life? What’s your favorite memory of him? We also want any content from his work in education, so we can show everyone what a phenomenal teacher he is.

So please, send us:

Your name

How you knew Chris

A write up on how Chris touched your life, and any memories, or a video, or both.

Please only send YouTube links, as we cannot host the videos easily ourselves.

Send this information to:, and we will go through the submissions and start posting!

Thank you everyone, so very much. Our hearts go out to the family, especially his brother Eddie, and Chris’ sons CJ, Ryan and Sean.

We WILL be keeping this site up (probably forever) and both the Facebook group, the Facebook page, and the (newly created) Twitter account will stay active as long as we possibly can keep it up. We want to keep them as a support group, and a way for people to share and console each other.


This has been confirmed to be Christopher Tully, father of three, award-winning educator, brother, son, and friend.

From NBC today:

Searchers pulled a man’s body from the Schuylkill River Sunday afternoon.

Members of the Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue team made the grisly discovery around 1:20 p.m. in the water off Kelly Drive near the Falls Bridge in East Falls, said Philadelphia Police.

The unidentified man’s body was caught in some tree roots along the river bank, said police.

Keep the Awareness Alive – Help Find Chris Now!

Here’s what we need: We need content for people to rally behind. We need content to draw more attention, and to keep drawing attention, to what’s going on, and the fact that Chris is STILL MISSING.

Here’s how: We want to start publishing content about Chris, from YOUR perspective. How did you know him? How did he touch your life? What’s your favorite memory of him? We also want any content from his work in education, so we can show everyone what a phenomenal teacher he is.

So please, send us:

Your name

How you knew Chris

A write up on how Chris touched your life, and any memories, or a video, or both.

Please only send YouTube links, as we cannot host the videos easily ourselves.

Send this information to:, and we will go through the submissions and start posting!

Thank you everyone for this amazing outpouring, and keep up the canvassing, the social media posts, and all the love and support you can muster. He’s still out there – let’s bring him home.

Day 18

From Eddie Tully’s Facebook:

“Day 18 – Update, we have found a Marine search and rescue team willing to search the river. This weekends weather is not working in our favor but I have been reassured that they will have divers in the water as soon as possible.”

And yet the latest it seems is that Philly PD has now STOPPED Marine Search and Rescue, with little to no explanation. This is the second time Philadelphia Police have stopped Search and Rescue from going out and doing what they do best – finding people. The actual officers on the ground has been very responsive, and was out searching the ramp area within 15-30min of Chris’ disappearance.

It seems like administration in PPD is striking again, and news coverage is slipping. We are starting to lose ground, and people are starting to lose hope. Our only option is to start a massive social media campaign, to not only keep up the pressure on PPD, but with news stations, the general public – pretty much anyone that will listen. We can never give up hope. We will continue the canvassing and keep revising the list (sorry for the delay on that – but everyone out there is so good, we got totally overwhelmed!), but we need to keep pushing and pushing.

So on that note, this site is going to go through some revisions. We’re adding a Twitter account, as well as a Gmail account. We are asking for people’s help:


We need to tug on the heartstrings. We’re going to look for some information about who you are, how you know Chris, and perhaps a video, either showing Chris, or words on how he has touched your life. We would prefer to get YouTube links, as hosting all this data would be a huge undertaking. We will post something soon regarding this change.

Stay tuned, keep pushing, and thank you for all of your support. I know Chris and his family appreciate everything. Thanks again.

Update from Eddie Tully, Part 3

This was posted on Eddie’s FB page:

UPDATE: After a week the Police still have no solid leads. I have offers from a few professional search and rescue teams that are ready to help but the PPD has not given the OK to do so. News coverage has been spotty. In speaking with a couple private investigators they say the best shot we have of finding Christopher Tully is the exposure of social media. Someone had to see something last Tuesday!!!! Someone had to be driving by while Chris was on that road!!!! He had to get into a place to get out of the elements!!! Someone out there knows something!!!! I don’t believe there was any foul play. I am asking yet again….Please don’t stop posting his photo!!! Please don’t stop reposting and sharing other peoples posts.!!! Please tag and include any news stations, radio station, blog sites and even the police in your post along with the hashtag #‎FindTully‬ to let them know that they can NOT stop covering the story!!!!

Please keep tweeting and posting! Make sure you use the hashtag, and make sure you retweet to police, government agencies, and news stations alike. We need to keep the information in the forefront so they will PAY ATTENTION and find Chris, so he can come home to his family and friends. For a man who has touched SO many lives, its not too much to ask…

Canvass Update

Note: Due to the overwhelming updates, as well as the HUGE list I’m trying to reorganize, I am falling behind, so I apologize if updates are coming in a bit slower. Once I get some reorganization to this big list and some automatic social media blasts set up, I can dedicate much more attention to keeping all of these wonderful updates posted to the site ASAP! Thanks SO MUCH! MK

Thank you to all that have commented on this post. I know you cannot see your comments, but trust me, we are getting them all!

IMPORTANT! – It seems like telephone poles are off limits. The utility company is removing them, so no point in wasting flyers on them.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you feel there is even a chance you have seen Chris, please contact the Phila Police Department immediately and file a report. No lead is a bad lead, but waiting to call may cost an opportunity to find him. You are not wasting their time by calling. Here is the info: Please contact Philadelphia South Detective Division at 215-686-3013 if you have any information regarding Chris’ whereabouts. You can also call 911. Do not approach Chris, as he may try to get away. Please contact the police first before reaching out to this website or the other pages/sites set up — time is of the essence.

We’d like to expand the search area to include:

  • Montgomeryville
  • West Chester
  • Chadds Ford
  • Kennett Square
  • Exton
  • Downingtown
  • Thorndale
  • Swarthmore
  • Media
  • Newtown Square
  • NJ across the river, like Camden and Trenton (especially train stations)

So far we have covered:

  • Cityline Ave and Presidential Blvd (where he got off the ramp)
  • 555 Cityline Ave in Bala Cynwyd and all businesses in the surrounding area
  • Cityline Ave 1 mile stretch heading away from Lincoln and Ridge in either direction
  • Warwick Square Shopping Center in Jamison, PA
  • Manayunk area and Art Museum area in Philadelphia
  • Abington Hospital ER
  • Ridge from the Arthur Ashe Tennis Center up to Leverington
  • Chalfont, Linkbelt, and Colmar Train Stations
  • YMCA in Doylestown
  • Doylestown Book Shop, Doylestown Tech, Starbucks in middle of town, and County Theater, Starbucks in Acme shopping center and Acme
  • Ardmore Area near the Train and Bus Stations, as well as Train and Bus Stations, and Suburban Square Shopping Center
  • Willow Grove Train Station
  • Warrington Crossing and Westminster Apartments (three buildings still outstanding – awaiting confirmation)
  • Upper Roxborough – Dunkin Donuts, Planet Fitness, several pizza shops, several hair salons, a few pet stores, a few convenience stores and several gas stations; woman in H&R block said that the manager already had one and waiting for approval on posting it
  • Trolley Car Diner in Chestnut Hill
  • In and outbound sides of track covered; Torresdale, Croyden, Cornwells Heights, Bristol SEPTA stations; Cornwells Heights shuttle stations
  • Eddington station on Street Road
  • Phila 8th District Police Station
  • Bristol Boro and emailed Bristol Township Police
  • Old City section of Philadelphia: Ritz Bourse, Cosi Restaurant, Omni and Monaco Hotels, Mrs. K’s Diner, Lisa’s Flower Shop, Bourse Cleaners, Evergreen Deli
  • Wawa on Eagle Road in Havertown
  • Deke’s BBQ on Ridge Ave and Lincoln Drive
  • Roosevelt Boulevard from Welsh to Tyson
  • St. Joe’s University area (including events coordinator at the St. Joe’s women’s basketball game)
  • 7-Eleven, St Joe’s U
  • Wawa, Montgomery Ave, Ardmore
  • Acme, Montgomery Ave, Ardmore
  • Starbucks, Lancaster Ave, Ardmore
  • Starbucks, Suburban Square
  • Wawa, Conshy State Rd, Merion Station
  • McDonalds, City Ave, near St Joe’s U
  • Liberty Gas Station, Merion Station
  • Upper Main Line YMCA, Berwyn, PA
  • Andorra Shopping Center Ridge Ave to Pep Boys to Holds True Value
  • Ivy Ridge Shopping Center at Ridge & Domino Lane
  • Maple Glen Shopping Center in Ambler
  • Paoli Line Stations
  • Five block radius all the way back to Ardmore area down Lancaster Pike, Montgomery Avenue, Conshohocken State Road and checked churches but most were locked
  • Castor Ave. from Hellerman to Tyson. Mom & Pop’s, & Rite Aid
  • Franklin Mills Bus Stops and area – covered all Franklin Mills bus waiting areas with three fliers each, and tried to get at least two fliers on each light post of the Orange Entrance lot by Wal-Mart and Sears (ran out of flyers; if anyone else is in the area and can get one of the other lots that would be helpful)
  • Ambler Train Station, and restaurants in Ambler
  • Fort Washington Wawa
  • Willow Grove Wawa
  • Flourtown Wawa
  • Wissahickon and Flourtown Fire Company
  • Majerks Fort Washington
  • Flourtown Giant
  • Flourtown Bakery
  • Chestnut Hill area: Starbucks; Top of the Hill Cafe; Weavers Way Co-op; Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant; Fiesta Pizza III, Chestnut Hill Hospital (information desk and employee cafeteria areas); and Sunoco gas station (Stenton and Mt. Airy Ave)
  • Jenkintown PD
  • Abington PD
  • Upper Moreland PD
  • Wawa Roosevelt and Rhawn
  • Email of flyer circulating through Citizens Bank in and around Philadelphia
  • Giant, UPS, and Bus Stop at Logan Square / New Hope
  • McDonalds, SuperFresh, CVS, Angels Cards, Wawa, TruValue, Post Office, and Public Library in New Hope
  • Saint Martin’s Church
  • Wawa in Plumsteadville and Starbucks on 611 in Doylestown by the Barn.
  • Philadelphia Airport area Hotels all checked to see if Christopher had a room: Aloft, Sheraton, Four Points, Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, Embassy Shirts, Courtyard, Economic Lodge, Quality Inn, Wyndham Gardens, Motel 6, Red Roof, Clarion Hotel, Comfort Inn
  • Philadelphia Airport area Hotels that will have flyers up: Fairfield Inn, Embassy Shirts, Courtyard, Economic Lodge, Quality Inn, Wyndham Gardens, Motel 6, Red Roof, Clarion Hotel, Comfort Inn
  • Church of Immaculate Conception, Camden NJ
  • Callahan Bearings, RT. 309, Colmar PA
  • Jamison Pourhouse, Jamison PA
  • Montgomeryville area: 711 on Horsham road, Walgreen’s, Chili’s, Marriot, TGI Fridays, Starbucks, Bertuccis, intersection coming out of Chili’s, and on 309 a few places
  • Methodist Hospital Bulletin Board
  • Jefferson Hopsital Bulletin Board
  • 11th and Moore Streets due to high traffic for Mummers Serenade
  • LA Fitness, City Line Ave
  • Wawa, Lancaster Ave, Paoli
  • Starbucks, Paoli Train Station
  • Bryn Mawr Train Station
  • Suburban Station
  • Fox Chase Train Station
  • Doylestown: Doylestown Fitness, Giant, 5 Guys, Perkins
  • BP and Lukoil on 313
  • Candlewyck on 413, Buckingham Pizza, and Buckingham Wawa
  • Wawa, Paoli Pike/Rt 352, West Chester, PA
  • Wawa, Lancaster Ave, Frazer, PA
  • Giant Supermarket, Lancaster Ave, Frazer, PA
  • Wawa, King Street, Malvern
  • Temple University Main Campus in Philly on North Broad Street
  • Movements In Motion Dance Studio, Havertown, PA
  • GSB Building at City Line and Belmont
  • Elkins Park Train Station
  • Cosi and Walgreens at Yorktown Plaza Shopping Center in Elkins Park
  • Doylestown Fitness Center on 313 in Doylestown
  • Kenny’s Bar in Warminster
  • Abington Hospital’s Willow Wood Building
  • Malvern Library
  • Malvern Municipal Building
  • Roosevelt Mall Area
  • Shopping Centers at Red Lion and Roosevelt Blvd,  Grant and Roosevelt Blvd
  • Airport Square Shopping Center in Montgomeryville
  • Lansdale Train Station
  • Starbucks on Rt 63/202 in North Wales
  • Redners Markets in Montgomeryville
  • Pumpernicks Diner off of 309
  • Wawa on Roosevelt Blvd across from the motels
  • School Lane Charter School in Bensalem
  • Wawa, Black Horse Pike Audubon NJ
  • Acme, Rt 252/Lancaster Ave, Paoli, PA
  • 7-Eleven, Rt 252/Lancaster Ave, Paoli, PA
  • St. Martin of Tours Church in New Hope
  • Mary, Mother of the Redeemer in North Wales
  • Lansdale Catholic
  • Giant, New Hope & bus stop
  • Lambertville bus stop
  • EMS in Warminster, Penn State Altoona, Atlantic Care covering Atlantic County and South Jersey
  • Alfredo’s Pizza in Morton on 420 in Morton
  • Penn Radiology in Radner
  • United Tire in Ardmore
  • CHOP in Philadelphia
  • Drexel Hill Middle School in Upper Darby
  • Acme in Lawrence Park
  • Bridge Commission Building and Toll Booths connecting Morrisville and Trenton
  • Cherry Hill Mall
  • Home Depot, Henderson Road, King of Prussia
  • Kennedy Memorial Hospital: Main Hospital and Emergency/ Crisis Center
  • Cherry Hill PD
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church in Cherry Hill
  • Bus stops along Marlton Tkpe in Cherry Hill
  • Wawa, Sugartown Road, Devon
  • Wawa, Lancaster Ave/Banburry Way, Wayne
  • Starbucks, Lancaster Ave, Devon
  • Whole Foods Market, Lancaster Ave, Devon
  • Acme, Lancaster Ave/Sugartown Road, Devon
  • Lancaster farmer’s Market, Lancaster Ave, Strafford
  • Spring Mill Athletic Club, Ivyland
  • The Little Gym, Doylestown, Almshouse Rd
  • Nomad Motel, Rt. 73, Mount Laurel
  • Hotel ML, Rt. 73, Mount Laurel
  • Track & Surf Motel, Rt. 73, Mount Laurel
  • Motel 6, Rt. 73, Mount Laurel
  • Bel Air Motor Lodge, Rt. 73, Mount Laurel
  • Marlton Ave Bus Stops, Cherry Hill
  • Wawa at 84th and Bartram
  • Giant Supermarket, Boot Road, Village Sq, West Chester
  • Wawa, Downtown West Chester
  • LA Fitness, Paoli Pike, West Chester
  • Acme, Paoli Pike, West Chester
  • YMCA West Chester, Airport Road, West Chester
  • Elkins Park Free Library
  • Acme in Lawrence Park
  • Sciarrinos Pizza in Eddystone
  • Industrial Plaza at the airport: FedEx, US Mail, UPS pick up drop off area in the lobby, also their cafeteria
  • Lukoil Rt. 130 Pennsauken, NJ
  • Gaetanos Steak Shop, Rt. 70, Pennsauken, NJ
  • Acme, Lanola Rd, Moorestown
  • Wawa Rts. 70/38
  • Wawa Rt. 130 (across from Pennsauken Police Station)
  • Upper Darby Police Department
  • Bus stops along Route 130 South to Federal St, Camden
  • Bus stop 900 Block of Federal St/bus stop in front of  Camden County Police Dept.
  • Gas stations & light post along Admiral Wilson Blvd/towards Ben Franklin Bridge
  • Hotel behind KC prime in Warrington
  • Thompson Dealership
  • Fred’s Breakfast in New Hope
  • Dunkin Donuts in New Hope
  • Buckingham Deli
  • Malls: Neshaminy, Liberty Place, Granite Run, Cherry Hill, and Quakerbridge
  • Several restaurant’s in East Norritown, Montgomeryville, North Wales, and Collegeville
  • Trenton Transit Center
  • Neshaminy Falls SEPTA Train stations and their surrounding bus stops
  • Langhorne SEPTA Train stations and their surrounding bus stops
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics in Raritan NJ
  • Giant on Flowers Mill Road in Langhorne
  • Upper Dublin Family Practice in Fort Washington
  • Second Street Pike Shopping Center in Southampton
  • Hahnemann University Hospital
  • Drexel University College of Medicine
  • Wawa in Holland Shopping Center
  • Sunoco Gas Station on Bristol Road in Trevose
  • Maple Glen Starbucks
  • Wawa at 930 Macdade Boulevard, Collingdale, PA
  • Collingdale Library
  • Swiss Farms, Sharon Hill, PA
  • All Town Pizza, Glenolden, PA

Security Officer at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania reported approximately Sunday, January 11th at 2:00pm there was no record of him in their patient database.

Riddle Hospital, 1068 West Baltimore Pike, Media, Pa and as of 9:05 p.m. January 12th, they don’t have a patient by the name of Christopher Tully.

Thanks to the volunteers that called these shelters and are attempting to get administrative permission to distribute flyers:

  • St. John’s Hospice
  • Bethesda Project
  • St. Elizabeth
  • Covenant
  • Phila. Committee for the Homeless
  • Travelers Aid – Families only
  • Trevers Place – Women only
  • Trinity in Buckingham (flyers were left)

This is a list in a Word Doc of homeless shelters contacted. Click here to download.

Thanks to SliCE Pizza. Their locations in Rittenhouse, and at 10th and Federal will start distributing flyers on their boxes starting Sunday.

These are all not 100% confirmed, but more updates to follow.

The star on the map near Bala Cynwyd is the last known position of Chris. Thanks to Tom Krystkiewicz for the map updates!