Update From Eddie Tully

As of Friday, Jaunary 9th at 11:25pm:

“As of now I am told that the police were unsuccessful in there search today with cadaver dogs. We are taking this as a sign that Christopher Tully is still alive somewhere. Please keep up your efforts to spread the word that someone may see him. You don’t have to be in the area or even in Philadelphia to help us get him back home safely. The power of social media may be our only hope to find him. The news outlets have not been running stories since yesterday. Because of this I ask that you continue to share posts and photos of him. Thank you.”

This was first posted on Eddie’s Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Update From Eddie Tully”

  1. I called the police yesterday to say that I saw a man walking on the breakdown lanes of 76 west on Tuesday evening. He was alone and without a car. I think he was wearing jeans and a blue jacket (maybe), it was dark. It was around 6:30/6:45 pm.

  2. Have you consider contacting a psychic? They’ve been known to help and work with police.
    Chris is in our every thought and prayer as well as his family.
    God Bless

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