SEPTA Bus Update

We sat down and did some research. Chris took off from the car around 6:15am on Tuesday, January 6th. At the end of the ramp which he ran down, we are going to assume he took a right, as a left would have taken him across traffic. Not even a few yards from that point are two bus stops, which had buses arrive at 6:31am and 6:35am. This is why we asked to canvas the Ardmore area as well as 30th Street area in Philadelphia. These are the two directions in which the buses traveled. This is the 44 bus route. We have contacted SEPTA and they have forwarded our request for someone to look at bus camera footage from that time on that day. We will be calling shortly to follow up. Details to follow.

Its a long shot, but we’re trying to exhaust every idea…

UPDATE 6:54pm: We called in and they are going to see if they can review any footage, but they will be printing the flyer out and giving it to every driver and bus. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I reached out to two former students of mine that drive for Septa and enlisted their help in passing out Chris’s picture and description.

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