Prayer Vigil

The family of Christopher Tully is holding a prayer vigil at Guinea Lane Park tonight, January 11th at 5:00pm.

The address is: 2045 Guinea Lane, Jamison, PA 18929

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Update from Eddie Tully, Part 2

As of Saturday, January 10th at 8:35pm:

“First, I would like to thank everyone for the huge outpouring of support. So many of you are willing to help, and it means so much to us. Because of so many of you expressing interest in helping with the search for Chris, we need to centralize the communications of the search.

Before you go out and hand out flyers, please make sure you check the site at and look for the post called Canvass Update ( This is a list of all of the places that have already been canvassed with flyers. We don’t want to waste time having people back track over places others have already visited.

If you plan to go out and hand out flyers, please make sure you post where you visited, either in a comment at or at the Facebook group Help Find Christopher Tully ( The Facebook group has a pinned post at the top of the group that you can leave a comment where you went. The website will not show your comment, but we will get it and add it to the list. We will be monitoring the other two Facebook groups we have on our radar (…/Friends-of-Chris…/770183346407905) and ( as well, so if you post to those, we will try to make sure we pick them up and add them to the list.”

This was first posted on Eddie’s Facebook page.

Update From Eddie Tully

As of Friday, Jaunary 9th at 11:25pm:

“As of now I am told that the police were unsuccessful in there search today with cadaver dogs. We are taking this as a sign that Christopher Tully is still alive somewhere. Please keep up your efforts to spread the word that someone may see him. You don’t have to be in the area or even in Philadelphia to help us get him back home safely. The power of social media may be our only hope to find him. The news outlets have not been running stories since yesterday. Because of this I ask that you continue to share posts and photos of him. Thank you.”

This was first posted on Eddie’s Facebook page.

SEPTA Bus Update

We sat down and did some research. Chris took off from the car around 6:15am on Tuesday, January 6th. At the end of the ramp which he ran down, we are going to assume he took a right, as a left would have taken him across traffic. Not even a few yards from that point are two bus stops, which had buses arrive at 6:31am and 6:35am. This is why we asked to canvas the Ardmore area as well as 30th Street area in Philadelphia. These are the two directions in which the buses traveled. This is the 44 bus route. We have contacted SEPTA and they have forwarded our request for someone to look at bus camera footage from that time on that day. We will be calling shortly to follow up. Details to follow.

Its a long shot, but we’re trying to exhaust every idea…

UPDATE 6:54pm: We called in and they are going to see if they can review any footage, but they will be printing the flyer out and giving it to every driver and bus. Fingers crossed!

Canvas Plan For Jan. 10th

Here are some areas we thought we should canvas based on the bus schedule in the area of where Tully was last seen. If you plan on canvassing an area, PLEASE SAY WHERE YOU PLAN ON GOING IN THE COMMENTS (on our Facebook Group)!!!

Here are some areas we have thought to look for Tully:


  • Bala and City Ave.
  • 54th and City Ave.
  • Haverford and Montgomery
  • 16th and Market
  • 5th and Market


  • Manayunk
  • Roxborough
  • Ardmore


Post these to the SPETA stops, then feel free to post within a 5 block radius. The more flyers we post, the better the chances are we find Tully.


Find Tully Flyers

Below are some flyers in both color and B&W, as well as two Facebook Profile Images you can use to spread the word.

Updated Flyers with More Information – Color


Updated Flyers with More Information – B&W


Facebook Hashtag Profile Image


Facebook Information Profile Image


Find Tully Flyer Original


Find Tully Flyer Information B&W


Find Tully Flyer Information Color


Find Tully Flyer Pull Tab B&W


Find Tully Flyer Pull Tab Color


Find Tully

On Tuesday morning at 6:15am, Chris was last seen on foot at the section of off ramp where Cityline Ave meet the exits to Ridge Ave and Lincoln Drive. He has heading toward Cityline Ave back toward the expressway. The police and state troopers were notified immediately and rushed to search the highways and immediate area. He was wearing a black coat, jeans and sneakers. His phone has been inactive since around 11:30am on Tuesday. Philadelphia detectives have been diligently working on any leads without any luck. We think he may have had around $60-$100 cash on him. We are monitoring cell phone activity, email activity, social media activity, and financial activity.

Because of the overwhelming concern that many of you have shared in your messages I promise to share/post any more information we receive. Please know that Chris did In fact suffer from bipolar disorder but is not considered a threat to anyone. However, we ask that if you do see him to call police at 215-686-3013 with his whereabouts so that he does not continue to flee and he could receive the help he may need.