Find Tully

On Tuesday morning at 6:15am, Chris was last seen on foot at the section of off ramp where Cityline Ave meet the exits to Ridge Ave and Lincoln Drive. He has heading toward Cityline Ave back toward the expressway. The police and state troopers were notified immediately and rushed to search the highways and immediate area. He was wearing a black coat, jeans and sneakers. His phone has been inactive since around 11:30am on Tuesday. Philadelphia detectives have been diligently working on any leads without any luck. We think he may have had around $60-$100 cash on him. We are monitoring cell phone activity, email activity, social media activity, and financial activity.

Because of the overwhelming concern that many of you have shared in your messages I promise to share/post any more information we receive. Please know that Chris did In fact suffer from bipolar disorder but is not considered a threat to anyone. However, we ask that if you do see him to call police at 215-686-3013 with his whereabouts so that he does not continue to flee and he could receive the help he may need.